Our history

We have been established since 2003, and employing disable people to support and provide the disability with income and a quality life. We started manufacturing plastic lids for bottles as a startup business, which has then grown into a successful business. Our new profile has been the fuel industry, providing charcoal, fire wood, kindling and heating products. We started developing our heating product range in 2016 and invested in packaging and manufacturing machines.

Our product has been very popular for our existing customers. All our products are manufactured from hard wood which provides the high heating value with long burning time and that ensures the perfect long burning.


The main condition of manufacturing the perfect charcoal is to minimalize the moisture content. Our product is guaranteed to be excellent quality which will provide you with phenomenal gourmet taste for all your food grilling and barbequing.

Fire Wood:

The heating value of products made from beech is very high. These products should be sourced throughout the summer, the moisture content needs to be lowered to a minimum level for the time it will be used.

Grill wood:

The grill wood is an essential ingredient for gathering with friends in the garden, or lighting a fire with the family, or simply just thinking of cooking something open air on open fire. These are the occasions where the grill wood comes into mind because we put different sizes of woods in the box and we also put kindling in the box. Not only that, but you will always have paper in hand to light the fire because of the box. What more could you want? A couple of boxes will let last you for a few hours.

Try our products and you will not be disappointed!
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